Quiet Mind Cafe

Pain Management

Simple relaxation techniques for pain management and mental exercises for pain relief

Depression-lifting guided meditation

The mind plays an important role in pain management. What you think and how you think can affect the pain you feel. While simple relaxation techniques are important for pain management, additional mental exercises are widely used for pain relief. This guided meditation requires use of the "mind's eye." Through mental visualization you can influence the physiology of your body, including changing your blood flow, heart rate, and  immune system, and, of course, managing pain.

This guided meditation begins with a brief guided relaxation. Then you will practice new skills to visualize the function and energies of your body. In this meditation you learn to "see" areas of pain and bring them into perspective and compare them to the healthy areas of your body. You will begin to understand how the pain you feel relates to your personal experiences in life. The meditation finishes with a technique for releasing that pain and removing it from your imaginal body.