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Free Meditations

Free meditations for health and well-being. Practice these meditations for mindfulness, stress relief, better sleep, and relaxation.

Meditation guidance through individual sessions.

I've been meditating for 40 years and have traveled to India several times to study and meditate. I can help guide you to a more peaceful and beautiful inner experience. let's talk.

For personal guidance please send an email and we will arrange a time to talk by video or by phone.

Scott Gaul


Simple Relaxation

Relax muscle tension for physical stress relief. This simple relaxation will relieve stress, relax muscle tension, and relieve pain.

Sympathetic Breathing

Relaxation of the fight or flight response for emotional stress relief. This guided meditation restores profound relaxation.

Into Deep Sleep

Practice this meditation to fall asleep and enter into a deep restful sleep. Common daily thoughts are replaced with calming dream imagery.

Pain Management

A meditation for pain management and pain relief. Release pain and remove it from your body.

Quiet Mind

A guided meditation to let go of thoughts and quiet the mind to restore deep relaxation and well-being.

Letting-go into Flow

Enter natural flow by letting-go. A natural skill of deep mediation and mindfulness.

Depression Lifting

This meditation lifts depression. It inspires movement in the soul and expansion of the heart through the flow of imagination.

New Insight

Journey through a rich inner landscape to discover new insight and discover solutions to current issues in life.

Observe the Moment

A mediation to slow and be in natural rhythm and be in the moment and inner awareness.